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My wife and I purchased our property in 1977. At the time it had a garden about 50' by 50'. The garden has grown over the years to 16,000 square feet under cultivation. In 2007 we transitioned to organic gardening and in 2011 added a 30' by 36' hoop house.  In 2013 we began an essential process of re-mineralizing our soil with biological and mineral organic inputs from Flowerfield Enterprises and Crop Services International. Current soil tests show good results which will improve plant and soil health and increase nutrient density. We hope you will try our fruits and vegetables by signing up for our CSA Services which will provide you with fresh picked vegetables that are nutrient dense. We have been Certified Naturally Grown for the past few years and will continue to adhere to organic standards in order to provide our customers and ourselves with healthy chemical free nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. We grow a wide variety of vegetables along with strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb. If you have specific vegetables you would like offered we will make every effort to provide them given adequate notice of your desires.